Do You Know What’s Holding You Back
From Your Next BJJ Belt?

Dear Friend,

There’s no faster way to increase your skill as a grappler…

…than by making minor improvements on the moves you’re already good at.

And you do that by eliminating the tiny errors – the ones that allow opponents to sweep you off balance, block your passes and slip out of your submissions.

Why is getting rid of these little mistakes the quickest way to a more technical ground game?

  • There’s no need to log hours in the gym building strength
  • You don’t have to spend time learning new moves
  • You don’t have to get faster
  • It doesn’t matter how flexible you are
  • And it usually takes just one little tweak to fix a move that never worked for you before

In fact…

The Best Fighters Have Their
“Go-To” Moves Perfected

Marcelo Garcia is a rear naked choke master. Roger Gracie almost always sinks cross chokes from the mount. Saulo Ribeiro loves the guillotine. Sure they know other moves. But these are the ones you see them hit time and time again in competition.

That’s because they can do them flawlessly – they’ve removed all the little mistakes that allow their opponents to escape.

In fact, my old coach (and UFC fighter) Kurt Pellegrino refused to give me a purple belt until I perfected the simple butterfly sweep. Then I just couldn’t do it. Now – as a brown belt – I use that sweep almost every time I roll.

Listen, I want to show you how remove the little mistakes that are wrecking your game – in my new e-book Mistakes Grapplers Make.

It shows you the most common mistakes from top and bottom in the five traditional positions – mount, back, guard, knee on belly, and side mount.

Inside these 107 pages you’ll discover:

  • Why my law breaking youth made me a better grappler and the “illegal” tools that help me escape mount
  • What never, ever to do to a mounted opponent (and the simple angle change that makes this forbidden move actually help you escape)
  • A 3-second exercise that will double your sweep defense from mount
  • How to set up back chokes without leaving yourself vulnerable to escapes or reversals
  • How the secret of the “fragile armpits” prevents gi chokes and armbars from the back.
  • Ultimate guard defense lessons from a dog…why your feline friend may know more about bjj than you do.
  • How to use your heels to set up sweeps and submissions…and…kill his guard passing game!
  • How to secure knee on belly without getting pulled back into guard
  • How to escape knee on belly using the “coffee table secret”
  • Why you should never put pressure directly on your opponents chest in side mount (and the two points of contact that make it damn near impossible for him to escape).
  • How to exert two…three…four times more pressure from the top.
  • The #1 rule for escaping from the bottom (ignore this and you might as well quit bjj right now).
  • Plus much, much more…

Normally my e-books sell for anywhere from $29 to $79, and later this year, Mistakes Grapplers Make will sell for $59.

However, to make it affordable for you to fix the little gaps in your game, I’m letting you have Mistakes Grapplers Make for only $19.97 today – a savings of $39 off the cover price!

100% Guaranteed

Plus, you’re covered by a three month money-back guarantee.

If for any reason Mistakes Grapplers Make does not live up to your expectations, just let me know and I’ll issue you a full and speedy refund within 90 days of purchase.

Bonus Gift

You’ll also get Mistakes Grapplers Make: The Submission Series

Here I outline where most grapplers go wrong with gi chokes, triangle chokes, and armbars. I’ve sold each of these reports for $9. But I’ve combined them into one report that is yours free when you order today.

Here’s just a little bit of what’s inside this 48 page bonus report:

  • What a kung fu master can teach you about gi chokes. Why this secret makes it three times harder for your opponent to stop your chokes…and…how it can also prevent your fingers from being grabbed, twisted and broken (essential info when you’re fighting against more than just your friendly gym buddies).
  • The grip that most new grapplers use that makes it impossible to finish a gi choke and the simple fix that solves 99% of gi choking problems.
  • Which heel should be touching his back when you first lock on a triangle choke (this small switch can give you 200% – or more – power to hold in a triangle choke).
  • When to clamp and when to squeeze in a triangle choke (and why doing one at the WRONG time actually helps your opponent escape your triangle choke).
  • The amazing “hockey-fight technique” that increases the strength of your armbar setups…without using any muscle whatsoever…giving you maximum control with minimum effort! (So immobilizing your opponent will feel like he’s stuck in dried concrete!)
  • Do big guys “stack” you when you pull an armbar from guard? Here’s how to use their weight against them to help you finish the submission.
  • Plus a whole lot more

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Rob Gramer

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